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The Master

"The magic isn't that easy concept as many people think of.
It's not just a cheap trick like conjuring rabbit with overblown crack.

Some claim the magic to be an act of science, with stated law and expected outcome.
They think wizards are powerful intelligents utilizing the nature's power with their intention.

Bur Magic is more of a communication, like art.
The wizard fully exercises his imagination and technique to talk, beg, and even boast to the great being.
It's somehow similar with writing a poem to propose a conceited and yet alluring woman.

In that point of view, the wizard's staff is only a pen.
It help you form and write one's own language of spell, sometime add some style in it.

You can easily see why it's hard to find one using more than a single staff. It's like using both hands to write several songs at the same time.

And that, is why I don't trust your story of running away from sucb wizard, seeing you totally safe with your four limbs attached to your body.